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5 reasons suckies are awesome

Our fresh yoghurt suckies make snack time fun time! Here are our top 5 reasons why everyone loves suckies…


1 No added nasties

Our suckies contain no added nasties like preservatives, additives or refined cane sugar!


2 Made with whole milk and fresh fruit

They are only made with the finest, natural ingredients, whole milk and fresh fruit which makes them taste delicious.


3 They contain no pips or bits

Our suckies yoghurt is super smooth and creamy with no pips or bits – just how the kids like ’em!


4 They’re vegetarian friendly

All of The Collective yoghurts are vegetarian!


5 They are great for packed lunches and on-the-go adventures

The useful pouch format of suckies means they can be eaten on-the-go with little mess and no need to pack a spoon in those lunch boxes. You could even try popping our suckies in the freezer for a few hours to make a delicious frozen snack!



If your wee one loves our suckies pouches, make sure you upload a photo of them gobbling one down and tag us on social media!

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Suckies eaten by kid