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If you can’t recycle… re-use!

Ever since launching our great tastin’ gourmet yoghurt over 7 years ago we have constantly been looking for new ways to improve things. We are actively ensuring that sustainability is at the forefront of our business and have made some radical changes to our products in recent months to reduce our plastic use, including removing the spoons and lids from our wee 150g tubs along with implementing a revolutionary new detectable black lid across our gourmet and straight up ranges. Although we are only at the start of our sustainability journey, we hope you’ll agree our changes are for the better improving our recyclability for the long term.


If you are unable to recycle a specific plastic material with your local council and are thinking ‘well what do I do now?’ then the answer is simple… upcycle! Here at The Collective we are big fans of upcycling and once you’ve scoffed your yoghurt there are 101 different ways you can use your empty tub.


Why not try using it as your new garden feature or what about that all important summer holiday fund you’ve been meaning to start with a piggy bank? Have a selection of left-over flat pack screws, nails, picture hangings and tools, how about using our tubs as your new storage partner… tidy house, tidy mind at last!


Have an upcycling idea in mind? Picture yourself as the next Womble? Then get in touch with us by emailing hello@thecollectivedairy.com and let us know your idea *grin*

We love this idea for wedding confetti storage!