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how can i get kefir into my diet?

Written by Jeannette Hyde, author of ‘The Gut Makeover’ and a leading registered nutritional therapist. Jeannette runs a private practice in central London, working with clients on gut-related issues.

You can incorporate kefir into your diet easily. I like to pour a large glass of kefir (about 250ml) as a shake in the morning. In the case of The Collective kefir, this contains around 60 billion colony-forming-units of bacteria and 13 different types per 250ml serving. Yoghurt by comparison tend to have just 1-2 billion bacteria and 2-5 strains in the same serving size.

If I’m in a hurry, I swig back one of the kefir already flavoured with fruit or I stir a spoonful of ground flax seeds in and drink. It takes seconds to prepare. Or I pour a glass of kefir and drink alongside eating a banana, and a handful of walnuts for extra satiety, when I get to work.

Kefir is also delicious with granola and a chopped apple or banana (these particular fruits are prebiotic, i.e. act like fertiliser on gut bacteria (1) or use plain kefir as a dip or salad dressing with chopped fresh herbs and a pinch of sea salt.


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