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how much kefir should i drink to make a difference?

Written by Jeannette Hyde, author of ‘The Gut Makeover’ and a leading registered nutritional therapist. Jeannette runs a private practice in central London, working with clients on gut-related issues.

Research shows that a serving of kefir with more than 10 billion colony-forming-units of bacteria, can get bacteria all the way down the digestive system to the colon and change the landscape of the microbiome for the better (1).

For this reason, I advocate kefir in my gut diet protocol “The Gut Makeover”, and with clients in my private practice, because the numbers of bacteria are usually much higher with better chance of survival to the colon where it can help benefit the body (2, 3, 4) . It’s about gut colonisation, and for this I like to have the big guns, kefir!


At The Collective, we recommend drinking a 220ml serving of our kefir, packing in over 60 billion cultures including 13 different strains!

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