Get ready to rule the day… introducin’ our new high protein yoghurt range, Pro-yo!


Packed with more protein than two eggs, less sugar than an apple and under 120 calories all in a handy pouch, this is your new best buddy for those hectic days.


Made from the perfect combo of yoghurt and real fruit (yep that includes coconut, which is in fact a fruit!), Pro-yo has a smooth and creamy texture and is packed full of protein. Our Pro-yo protein hit comes from yoghurt, a natural source of protein which includes the essential amino acids our bodies need to function. With sugars only from milk, fruit and honey (only in the Coconut pouch!), no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or stevia, Pro-yo is a guilt-free snack, perfect before or after a workout or for breakfast on the move… just grab ‘n’ go!


We’ve also teamed up with Registered Harley Street Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert to help clear up the myths and misconceptions of the protein buzz. Our protein fact file will help you navigate the world of protein, have a sneak peek here.


You’ll find Pro-yo in selected Tesco, WaitroseOcado, Wholefoods and Boots.




proyo pouches with 14g of protein