hop, skip & jump
with active Alfie

Jonny Brownlee and active Alfie can do 10 jumps in a row… how many can you do?

the snake skip challenge

How to get ready and steady:

1. Grab a long skipping rope and ask two friends or family to join in.

2. Ask your friends or family to hold each end of the skipping rope handles.

3. Whilst holding the handles, ask them to lay the skipping rope down flat on the ground, and then wiggle the rope side to side like a snake.

4. See how many jumps you can make over the rope without touching it!

5. Take turns with your friends or family to see who can jump the most.

get your signed certificate!

Download Alfie’s hop, skip and jump challenge pack to get your own personalisable certificate signed by The Brownlee Brothers and active Alfie! Why not share a photo of your little one gettin’ active like Alfie in our good sports album below… who knows, we might have a treat in store for them for getting involved!

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active Alfie's
fun facts and jokes!

skipity-doo-da... Megumi Suzuki from Japan skipped 162 times in 30 seconds... how many skips can you do in 30 seconds?

our good sports album

We love seeing how your little ones are getting active, click here to share your achievements with us.

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Lucas Williams age 5

Dexter age 5

Isabella age 7

Esme Flight age 3

George Allen age 4

Jake atkinson age 6

Jack Wilson age 7

Leah age 12

Archie smith age 11

Mathilde age 5

Daniel Ingham age 8

Thomas Watkins age 12

Woody Kearins age 6

riona age 20

Jonah Williams age 5

Erin age 8

Amber Laughlin age 3

Jackson age 11

Erin age 7

Jack Macfarlane age 5

Amelia Whitaker age 2.5

Ashley age 12

Alana Milne age 9

Jayroop age 11


Tomas & Jay age 63

Darcey Nathan age 9

Tom Kirkcaldy age 8

eithan age 10

Dylan age 8

ricco age 12

Ethan age 10

Emma Griffiths age 11

Emma Griffiths age 11

Evie Oates age 6

Emma Griffiths age 11

Jonah Williams age 5

Callan Williams age 6

Oliver & Sebastian age 96

Theo Porteous age 3

George age 10

Hudson age 4

Rory age 3

Tristan, Celeste & Roman age 8, 6 & 4

Tristan, Celeste & Roman age 8, 6 & 4

Tristan age 8

Celeste & Roman age 6 & 4

Lola age 3

Greg age 5

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